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If you have asked a question that is the same, or similar to a question that has been previously asked and answered on our site, we may not publish your question. To better enhance your experience, we want you to be able to find your answer quickly.

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Our goal for this site is to provide straight forward answers to your questions about eggs and egg farming in Ontario.

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"What if I have am experiencing technical difficulties with the site? Who can I contact?"

Please email your inquiries to youreggquestions@getcracking.ca

"Who’s answering my question?"

The entire Ontario egg industry is supporting this initiative. Staff at Egg Farmers of Ontario collect the questions and seek advice and knowledge from industry experts to ensure that the most accurate information is provided.

"Why can only people in Canada ask questions?"

Even though many people around the world eat eggs, the egg industry varies drastically between countries due to geographic, economic, regulatory and consumer differences.  Our expertise is in the Canadian (and specifically Ontario) industry.

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In order to be able to communicate with you about your question, we need a way to contact you and signing in through your social media accounts helps to facilitate this discussion.  Many people may have the same question that you do, so by signing in to Facebook or Twitter, it allows for the answer to be easily shared on your social media to help spread the word and make sure more people are able to make informed purchasing decisions.

"How does this Question and Answer site work?"

Our goal is to provide personal answers to any questions you ask us about everything eggs in Ontario. It is simple, here's how it works:

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