"Is it okay to eat raw eggs?"

Carol H.

Our Answer:

June 14, 2020

Hi Carol,

We're so glad you asked this question! It's an important one. Let's make one thing clear off the bat - yes, raw eggs are certainly safe in Canada.

Canadian eggs specifically, go through an intense inspection process before they make it into grocery stores. The main risk with raw eggs is salmonella poisoning but with Canadian eggs, the chances of finding this bacteria in your store bought eggs are next to nothing. Canadian inspection protocols cover mandatory salmonella testing, strict on-farm hygiene practices, a standardized code of quality production practices, cooling from farm to table, stringent egg grading standards and safe handling guidelines for grocery stores, restaurants and consumers. (In the US the possibility of salmonella is much higher than in Canada - if you've read information from the United States, please note that it does not apply here in Ontario).

That being said, we do have some points that we would like you to consider when eating raw eggs. 

In Canada, in the very rare instances where eggs have been implicated in bacterial contamination, improper handling is typically the problem. If consumers choose to cook with and consume raw eggs, we recommend the following simple guidelines: 

•    Use eggs which have been graded (the carton will have a Grade A stamp and a “Best Before” date) and purchased from a grocery store where they have been kept refrigerated. 
•    Use fresh eggs, well before the “best before” date stamped on the carton. 
•    Use eggs which are clean and free of cracks, and which have been kept refrigerated in the main body of the refrigerator. 
•    Wash utensils, work surfaces and hands before handling food. 
•    Serve food immediately, or refrigerate until serving time and consume within a few hours, or freeze. (Same goes for left overs).

Egg producers are committed to providing consumers with the safest, highest quality, and most nutritious product possible. Know that when you see the "Grade A" logo, this means the eggs in that carton live up to all the above mentioned standards and are of the highest quality.

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