"How do you de-shell hard boiled eggs?"

Alison H.

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June 30, 2021
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Egg Farmers of Ontario

Mississauga, Ontario | https://www.getcracking.ca

Great question, Alison! We've all tried to peel an egg but ended up with something that looked more like a golf ball instead of a smooth, shiny egg.

In the video above, Diana, an egg farmer from Lambton County, Ontario, shares her secret for peeling a hard-boiled egg: Don't use fresh eggs.

Diana uses eggs that have been refrigerated for about a week. During this time, air enters the eggs through the tiny pores in their shell and forms an air pocket at their wide end. This makes them easy to peel.

Now that you know the secret, you're ready for Diana's three easy steps to peeling a hard-boiled egg:

  1. Crack the egg, starting with the wide end and continuing with the rest of the egg. This loosens up the shell.
  2. Peel the egg, starting with the big pieces of shell.
  3. Rinse the egg under running water to make sure it's completely shell-free.


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